Shane’s Eagle Project: Support Foster Children

Shane's Eagle Project
About This Cause

My name is Shane and I am a Boy Scout in San Diego. I am currently working on my Eagle Scout Project. Before I tell you about my Eagle project, I would like to tell you a little about myself. I went into foster care when I was five years old and was in foster care until I was adopted at the age of nine. When I was in the foster care system, I have bounced around from foster home to foster home to foster home to foster home. Every time that I went from foster home to foster home, I had to carry what little belongings I had in a black trash bag. Can you imagine having all of your belongings thrown into a black trash bag as you had to move again to an unfamiliar place?

I am extremely fortunate. I was adopted at the age of nine into a loving family. I am thriving now, but I know there are still hundreds of other foster children in San Diego and I want to give back to these children. Therefore, for my Eagle Scout project, I will be donating 100 high-quality duffel bags filled with a stuffed animal, a flashlight (with batteries), and a blanket to foster children in San Diego. These are items I would have treasured as a foster child and I know other foster children will as well. Having a duffel bag will prevent the need for their items to be transported in a trash bag, which is very common among foster children. It will send a message to them that they are important and their items, regardless of how few, are valued. A stuffed animal can provide comfort when they get lonely or must move to a new foster home, a flashlight can provide relief after a nightmare, and a fleece blanket can provide them with warmth on cold nights.

To complete my Eagle Scout project, I need your support! I am accepting online donations through Paypal or Wepay so that I can purchase the needed items. Additionally, donations of high-quality duffel bags (at least 28″ inches in length), stuffed animals, throw blankets (approximately 50″ x 60″), and flashlights (with batteries) will be greatly appreciated! These items can be dropped off at Cajon Valley Middle School located at 550 E Park Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020 between the hours of 8:00-4:00 Monday through Friday.

I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide. No donation is too small! Thank you very much for considering my project.

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